Friday, September 10, 2010

First Post!

How do you start a blog? What do you make the first post about? Do you introduce yourself and explain what the blog will be about, or do you just start posting and act like you've always been doing it?

 I think I'll go with the latter, mostly because I have NO idea what this blog is going to actually be about. So, internets, welcome to Ruthless Mother Blogger!

 ~ Mrs. Ruthless

Yours Truly!

P.S. If you DO want to know about me or this blog, I'm sure I'll post an "About The Author" type section soon (after I find my niche in the online world.).

P.P.S. You may notice that there are posts pre-dating this one. I wrote a few posts about past events and dated them to match. Let's all just pretend that I started blogging back then, okay? =)

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